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The documents include confidential witness statements, memos, a police bail notice, a charge document, a custody record and print-outs of police e-mails.
The torque applied to the rotor and the normal force on the bottom plate (h) of the chamber are recorded by electrical sensors (i) and (j) and the signals converted by the software to give the print-outs of E and V with time.
The computer print-outs provide early warning of system problems, pinpoint their locations and indicate their probable causes.
All final print-outs have to adhere to the approved test print-out.
Squadron Leader Nektarios Samaras, an officer with the Greek air force, said print-outs from a Dutch website were among the confiscated items.
WORRYING print-outs shown to the Birmingham Mail reveal that on some days more than a third of West Midland fire engines are allegedly unavailable due to a brigade shake up.
After a computerized fuel monitor is installed, it is essential for building staff as well as the manufacturer of the heating device to analyze the print-outs and regular reports.
Lots of emails and crutches as Excel spreadsheets, plus constantly reworking a handmade flat plan and print-outs to the wall.
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has urged Dubai residents to switch to the green bill as invoices will no longer be issued in paper print-outs from April 1.
Providers could increase efficiency by quickly reviewing, assimilating and selecting relevant data from these reports shared as print-outs or via online interaction.
We also found some print-outs offering guidelines about ways of making a customer easily believe their claims," a police officer said.