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That is because its Z 406 color printer has multiple print heads that can spray not only the white powder "build" material, but also different colors of binder droplets in infinitely variable combinations, just like a standard inkjet printer.
Finally, packaging for the small commercial and quick printer will require shipments of increasingly smaller quantities into the size range of the ever-increasing number of 12 in.
During the nearly two months that the printer was in use, 1,120 pages were printed, according to a counter that automatically prints the number of pages printed, plus the amount of consumables remaining at the time the printer is turned on.
For a woman to become a printer or publisher, the social equivalent of a harmonic convergence was necessary she had to have a father or husband who was willing to impart knowledge about the business to her; she had to be a widow with either no sons or minor children at the time of her husband's death; she had to be educated and possess managerial and business skills; and she had to have a network of family, scholarly, and business contacts.
A dot-matrix printer can handle perforated forms, allowing you to print invoices and other such documents.
that was spun off into a separate company a year ago to handle Big Blue's printer operations.