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They include drawings for free iPods(R) and $50 gift certificates to national retailers such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Best Buy for students purchasing personalized match printouts.
During the individual consultation, participants were provided with the color printouts of their bone density results with graphic images and graphs.
Without their stow plan printouts and marine cargo expertise, it would have been a very difficult mission for the port operator.
Furthermore, they argued that the existence of a paper printout did not automatically invalidate the record status of the remaining electronic version.
File, Page Setup, Page (tab) Scale printout by percentage Click Print
In fact, these guidelines are printed out in the form of a standard physician order sheet; this printout includes a space requesting physicians to explain any variations from the AHCPR guidelines.
Synthesize ideas and explore the results of applying various materials to the printout.
With an NCIC printout in hand, investigators can follow the agency's guidelines to determine whether to continue the investigation of a subject's prior record.
There are additional computer programs which enable brokers to track the performance of an individual investment vehicle and produce a printout or chart illustrating the vehicle's performance.
The DAT's are Hunkar's latest versions, with the new Auto Learn, printout and gauge-input features described below.
Among the availabe screen displays and hard copies are: a CRT listing and printout of the names and computer-record numbers of all patients in a monthly file, for use as an index; a CRT listing of statistics on a single organism, needed when a physician asks for drug susceptibilities; and printouts of all data in the main file, sorted by patient name, by floor, by organism, or by specimen.