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The potential for abuse and manipulation of a social networking site by someone other than its purported creator and/or user leads to our conclusion that a printout of an image from such a site requires a greater degree of authentication than merely identifying the date of birth of the creator and her visage in a photograph on the site in order to reflect that Ms.
This writer likes to get photos printed professionally, and is willing to lug a pen-drive or memory card to the photo-lab and wait for the printouts.
And Diebold isn't the only electronic voting company taking advantage of the fact that paper printouts are, according to Mercuri and most experts, the only truly effective way "to provide auditability" as well as "enhance voter confidence.
But the previous secretary of state, Republican Bill Jones, required only that counties be able to make printouts on demand.
You may also receive printouts and burn CDs at the reception desk.
When a vessel arrives in port, our deployment support team members produce an Integrated Computerized Deployment System printout of the stowed cargo, which is an exceptionally accurate template of how the cargo is stowed on-board the vessel.
They determined that electronic versions of e-mail were records in their own right and that the existence of paper printouts did not invalidate their record status unless they included all significant material contained in the electronic records.
These printouts might include daily incidence and prevalence reports, showing which residents have pressure ulcers, who is at risk to develop them and the severity of the wounds.
The estimates for 1967-95 are also available on printouts and diskette.
To work with this printing problem in a more creative fashion, I decided to see what students could do with the printouts in combination with other materials.
Beside most office copying machines and laser printers these days stands a recycling container into which people dutifully toss their bad copies and printouts.
Multi-font, multi-column, publication-quality printouts can be easily customized to user requirements, and data can be directly downloaded to spreadsheet programs.