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Data Match combines all the data and provides a personalized printout for each student showing who in their school answered questions most like them.
And Diebold isn't the only electronic voting company taking advantage of the fact that paper printouts are, according to Mercuri and most experts, the only truly effective way "to provide auditability" as well as "enhance voter confidence.
When a vessel arrives in port, our deployment support team members produce an Integrated Computerized Deployment System printout of the stowed cargo, which is an exceptionally accurate template of how the cargo is stowed on-board the vessel.
They determined that electronic versions of e-mail were records in their own right and that the existence of paper printouts did not invalidate their record status unless they included all significant material contained in the electronic records.
In fact, these guidelines are printed out in the form of a standard physician order sheet; this printout includes a space requesting physicians to explain any variations from the AHCPR guidelines.
Synthesize ideas and explore the results of applying various materials to the printout.
To make matters worse, he adds, "mixing waste office paper with tonerfree paper, like computer printouts, devalues the pulp.
Because the questioned documents were typewritten and the documents of known authorship were computer printouts, the Laboratory could not conduct a traditional document comparison examination.
The Cooler is controlled with PLC accuracy and can provide real-time monitoring and detailed printouts.
It's said to help them identify trouble spots and production bottlenecks in the plant effortlessly, without time-consuming analysis of long tables of data or computer printouts.
The information is stored on a floppy disk, with printouts for backup.
Printouts feature a time and temperature graph and summary information including time within, below, and above range, receiving location, and activation time.