prior condition

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If the UPMC treating physician in consultation with the patient determines that the course of treatment for a prior condition is completed or does not qualify under this agreement, then that visit will be treated as In-Network and as a transition visit to assist the patient in transitioning care to an In-Network provider.
A prior condition to democracy is a culture that permits the equality, participation, and flow of communications that democracy requires.
The government agreed to begin a dialogue but set as a prior condition that the Catatumbo workers lift the roadblocks.
Premier Nouri al-Maliki expressed his rejection of any prior condition to attend the National Conference by any bloc, while Iraqiya bloc stressed rejecting to attend if the major personalities will not attend.
It's difficult to see how a seven-year exclusive licence can legitimately be awarded without this as a prior condition.
For his part, MP Bassam Haddadin, who was also present at the protest, said, "We totally defend the freedom of media institutions, at this particular timing, as a prior condition of any political reform; our role as MPs lies in supporting the journalists and their rights to freedoms and building a bridge of communication with them in order to defend their rights on the legislative level.
It is clear that the Palestinians cannot be expected to agree to any such prior condition.
Each state with an SIF defines prior job, or even prior condition, differently.
Salih's prior condition was to implement Article 23 of the Iraqi Law of Provincial Council Elections.
Earlier, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram had said the Centre is ready to freeze all the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with multi national companies, if the Maoists are ready to come to negotiating table, without any prior condition.
Instead, he said, the insurer found a prior condition of her husband that allowed the firm to cancel the Simoeses' policy, placing them $60,000 in debt and ruining their credit.
But a prior condition is close cooperation with the US.