prior determination

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Appointment of the Board of Directors in office for the financial years ending on 31 December 2019- 2021, prior determination of the number of members; determination of the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors.
The Court of Appeals refused to consider whether the department was bound by collateral estoppel due to its prior determination because that issue was not raised to the ULJ.
To overturn a prior determination of commerciality, the head of the contracting activity must determine in writing that the determination was improper.
The Comelec should resolve, without procrastination, the pending petitions regarding the validity of Poe's certificate of candidacy on the basis of its own evaluation of the factual milieu of her citizenship and Philippine residence, and not on the SET's mere say-so or prior determination. As perhaps everyone will agree, the travails of the challengers and the respondent arising from the constitutional challenges to Poe's presidential qualifications will eventually find their way to the Supreme Court where a constitutional debate will be heard.
Therefore, it represents the process of taking different shapes which through them you can define a prior determination,the required effort,the time, its implementation mechanism, the implementing agency,and how to deal with the results.
"Elephant deaths due to an accident caused by trains could be prevented by the prior determination of the position of the elephants from a distance by the use of thermal infrared cameras that can be fitted to the engine.
In the past week, Papazov suggested that privatization is not out of the question, a move modifying the cabinet's prior determination not to sell the company.
The contracts will be signed once the ANH re initiates the corresponding process, which requires a prior determination by environmental officials regarding the necessary conditions for carrying out exploratory activities in the areas where the blocks are located.
A motion to correct an illegal sentence filed pursuant to subdivision (a) of this rule may be dismissed if the judge finds that it fails to allege new or different grounds for relief and the prior determination was on the merits or, if new and different grounds are alleged, the judge finds that the failure of the movant or the attorney to assert those grounds in a prior motion constituted an abuse of the procedure governed by these rules.
The issue of prior determination has been central to the debate on the exercise of jurisdiction and the trigger/filter mechanism.
The statute provides that the FTB shall grant innocent spouse relief based solely on the prior determination to grant federal relief by the IRS.