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In 1993, the National Women's Political Caucus gave Professor Ginsburg its "Good Guy" award; history reveals no prior instance of a tax lawyer held to be a "Good Guy," or even a "Decent Sort.
Marketing technology companies, along with some formidable Web publishers, may be highly motivated to find a prior instance of pop-under advertising in order to contest the patent and avoid back payments, required by the 1999 American Inventors Protection Act.
There was no prior instance when resolutions of similar bearings were subjected to any time limit nor application of force by the third country.
pdf     Right to Complete Defense Harmless Error Appellant challenged his conviction for violating an order for protection, arguing that his constitutional right to present a defense was violated when the District Court denied his requests to admit extrinsic evidence of three prior instances when the victim recanted allegations of OFP violations and domestic abuse by appellant.
They received no information as to any prior instances of outrageous or inappropriate behavior," added Rudman.
Under amended 5(c) of the Senate bill, a judge setting conditions to assure the defendants appearance at trial is authorized to consider, in addition to financial resources, the individuals history of mental illness, family ties, prior convictions, prior instances of flight to avoid prosecution, and prior instances of failure to appear for court proceedings.
If the record shows that the franchisor has not taken action when faced with prior instances of the same type of default, this will undermine the claim that it considers the default harmful to its brand.
Many bankers say they have no option but to go with the events as there are no prior instances of any country attempting demonetisation on such a large scale.
In other words, the prior instances of the O'Hanlon-Kalb and Ross strategies have netted the United States nothing but grief.
We have seen that approach in prior instances, and that is not an approach that, in my view, leads to passing a bill.

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