prior instance

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Mike Sento, a 25-year LAUSD planning official, said he couldn't recall a prior instance of the district using the rule.
There was no prior instance when resolutions of similar bearings were subjected to any time limit nor application of force by the third country.
In other words, the prior instances of the O'Hanlon-Kalb and Ross strategies have netted the United States nothing but grief.
We have seen that approach in prior instances, and that is not an approach that, in my view, leads to passing a bill.
The source said that there had been prior instances when the North Korean government had collected money for specific projects, such as building power plants or constructing more houses in the capital Pyongyang.
He also said he did not believe access was a problem in the past and that he was unaware of any prior instances of people being prohibited from occupying courtroom seats away from prospective jurors once they became available during jury selection.
There have been frequent prior instances when paramilitary groups have been linked to the Colombian armed forces (see NotiSur, 2003-07-18 and 2003-07-25).
Indeed, economists report that in prior instances of economic growth, labor's share of that growth was 70 percent, while 30 percent was allocated to profits.
Many members of the near-death group also reported prior instances of extrasensory perception or other purportedly paranormal experiences.
3) Prior instances of lack of candor, prior bad acts, or a reputation for untruthfulness can be used to impeach an officer's testimony against the accused and are fundamental ingredients to a defendant's right to a fair trial.
As in prior instances, the IRS found that the phrase "reasonable comfort" expressed a standard that was broader than that contemplated in Sec.

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