prior planning

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Prior Planning And Construction Management Experience With Projects Of Similar Scale And With Public And Private Sector Clients.
Kirklees Council, prior planning notification |for demolition of buildings, land at Southgate, Huddersfield.
Propper prior planning prevents poor pastorauling performance.
Working with a logistical puzzle like this requires a lot of prior planning.
The zero technique involves prior planning like implant selection, planning surgical techniques, anaesthesia, analgesia and patient counselling and is named aACAyzero' technique as it minimises the time taken for surgery, recovery, hospital stay, blood loss and so on, providing great relief to patients and their families, explained Dr Shah who will be visiting RAK Hospital again on April 4 and 5.
Prior planning, huge investments and long lead time associated with the successful deployment of an IAM project was restricting small and medium sized enterprises (SME's) to adopt technological solutions related to IAM, but with the addition of number of cloud based applications across all SME's, the need to manage multiple accounts and entitlements will grow enormously which in turn will trigger these organizations to adopt cloud based IAM solutions requiring minimal initial investments.
In the context of port visits this includes doing the proper prior planning for the port visit, only ordering via Logistics Requisition (LOGREQ) what the ship truly needs and conducting receipt, inspection, and acceptance of services and goods on Husbanding Service Provider (HSP) invoices in a comprehensive, documented manner.
The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that the military operations were subjected to prior planning in order to preserve the lives of the citizens and the safety of their property, and that the security forces have in some cases demand from the citizens in the province to get out of their homes and stay away from the area of operations in order to preserve their lives.
He said: "This excellent result is due in great measure to the prior planning of this operation, which took place between police and fellow emergency services, community leaders and demonstration groups.
Costly improvements can be avoided by prior planning and research.
Prior planning and preparation prevents poor performance.

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