prior planning

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The report said that the "removal of acacias from the area was done hastily and without prior planning as regards the measures that should have been taken so that the protected species in the area are not negatively affected." It censured the forestry department because "there was no established procedure or work programme for the uprooting and burning of the acacias."
He is currently facing charges of conspiracy to defraud, contrary to section 317 of the penal code, engaging in a project without prior planning, abuse of office, wilful failure to comply with the law applicable to public finance management and committing an offence of financial misconduct.
Some tragic incidents of swing collapse had occurred in the past therefore prior planning should be done to stop such incidents in future and the administration should give attention to the safety of the swings.
Some tragic incidents of swings' collapse had occurred in the past, so that prior planning should be made to stop such incidents in future and the administration should give particular attention to the safety of the swings.
Authorities say that prior planning is essential, and the Sunday Sun has all the information you need to make your day as stress-free as possible.
The event - one of the biggest ever to come to Middlesbrough - will feature a number of road closures and diversions in place from May 24 to 26, so prior planning is essential.
Councillor Nick Hignett said he was left "shocked" that the applicant had built the extension without seeking prior planning permission.
Lahore Chamber suggested the government that growers should be compensated and supported, adding that departments concerned should also make prior planning that how food security could be ensured.
Tank district police officer Mohammad Arif told Dawn that the slain killed his family with prior planning as for this purpose he had also purchased new bullets.
What we need, instead of finger-pointing, is a concerted effort from the Provincial government concerned authorities to ensure that the disease is not allowed to spread, and to do everything possible to increase public awareness of the risks of dengue, and what precautionary measures can be taken and Prior planning and policy formulation by Balochistan's health-care authorities are key to the prevention of future dengue outbreaks.
Prior planning in terms of logistics, personnel and infrastructure will avert aggravated damage in case of an emergency.

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