prior thought

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Unless the deceased has left any instructions, these are tough questions to answer - and issues you're unlikely to have given much prior thought - but remember the director does this sort of thing all the time; they're there to help you as much as possible.
By putting some prior thought into what you find most meaningful and, by acknowledging the importance of your own health and sanity, you will find that this once again is the most wonderful time of the year.
Prior thought England had a big wicket when he claimed a low catch off Stuart Broad, with Silva on 39.
The Renaissance art of rhetoric presumes the separability of meaning and expression, or res and verba, whereby figuration constitutes a secondary operation on a prior thought.
For some, airport parking works out as a hassle–free and convenient route, yet without a little prior thought you can end up paying substantially over the odds.
We reject any of the current proposals that involve closure of community hospital beds in North Wales, without prior thought regarding the impact of such change.
It's a quite unacceptable that decisions, which affect so many people who live in rural communities, are taken on a whim without any prior thought or consideration.
England almost had an early breakthrough when Anderson and Matt Prior thought they had Laxman caught behind, on 27.
Yet with a little prior thought and planning, they could have received the assets you had always wished them to have.
It's somewhat stretching credulity that he suddenly finds himself with a knife and then, opportunistically without prior thought, he suddenly produces it.
Whereas Aristotle reshaped prior thought by rejecting some of it and using other parts in new ways, Franklin has a tendency to treat widely divergent theories as if they somehow form a unified and coherent whole.
South Korea-Greece is one of those matches which may be tricky to swing past the missus without prior thought.