prisoner behind bars

See: convict
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And Here is #Mubarak officially as a prisoner An official picture of ousted president Hosni Mubarak wearing for the first time a blue suit- a sign of being a convicted prisoner behind bars.
So the $3,800 annual cost to treat an inmate in community corrections is very attractive to officials who spend $45,000 to incarcerate a prisoner behind bars.
A Palestinian prisoner behind bars as he is brought into the Hadariam prison when inmates are on hunger strike; Picture: TSAFRIR ABAYOV
Less than pounds 20 is spent per head on the casualties of lawlessness, while pounds 30,000 is allocated yearly to keep each prisoner behind bars.
That means that not keeping a prisoner behind bars runs approximately $430,000, or $405,000 more than the annual expense of imprisonment.
Challenged by human rights organizations, the Israeli law allows military authorities to indefinitely keep a prisoner behind bars in the absence of legal proceedings.