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PRISONER OF WAR. One who has been captured while fighting under the banner of some state. He is a prisoner, although never confined in a prison.
     2. In modern times, prisoners are treated with more humanity than formerly; the individual captor has now no personal right to his prisoner. Prisoners are under the superintendence of the government, and they are now frequently exchanged. Vide 1 Kent, Com. 14.
     3. It is a general rule, that a prisoner is out of the protection of the laws of the state, so for, that he can have no civil remedy under them, and he can, therefore, maintain no action. But his person is protected against all unlawful acts. Bac. Ab. Abatement, b. 3; Bac. Ab. Aliens, D.

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Aguer did not say if there are more prisoners of war remaining in government's cells.
Keith Andrews, of COFEPOW, said: "The artefacts people such as Patrick Geeleher have mean a great deal to the families of prisoners of war.
Following on from this, both the Australian and New Zealand governments decided after an inquiry which confirmed that the European prisoners of war 1940/45 were also were subjected to a brutal regime at the hands of their captors to compensate their European prisoners of war or their widows PS10,000.
Rolling Thunder is a nonprofit veterans organization, started by two Vietnam veterans, that seeks to raise awareness about veterans who are still classified as prisoners of war or missing in action and galvanize efforts to bring them home.
After being handed over yesterday to the ICRC, the prisoners of war were accompanied by ICRC delegates as they travelled from Juba via Cairo to Khartoum, where they were placed in the care of representatives of the Sudanese government early this morning.
FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) rebels said Sunday it would release all of its prisoners of war and stop kidnapping for ransom.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) had also issued clear instructions for good treatment of prisoners of war.
By comparison, over half of all Soviet prisoners of war in German hands died.
Indian organisations have said that 54 Indian prisoners of war captured during the 1971 conflict are believed to be in Pakistani prisons.
The National Memorial Arboretum near Lichfield, Staffordshire, includes a Far East Prisoners of War Memorial Building with an exhibition on those captured by the Japanese during the Second World War and memorials for prisoners of war who suffered and died building the Burma and Sumatra Railways.
State lawmakers amended the Historic Preservation Agency Act to provide free admission to museums that receive state funding for former prisoners of war who are residents of Illinois.
military in 1945, was originally said to depict Allied prisoners of war carrying fallen comrades during the Bataan Death March, during which 75,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war captured by the Japanese in the Philippines were forcibly walked 60 miles to prison camps.