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There is no trip down the hallway of a lovely home in order to reach the privacy of a sweet-smelling, pristinely clean room that those in developed countries take so much for granted.
Her ultra-chic ensembles of plunging necklines and strong silhouettes are kept sophisticated rather than crass, thanks to her fondness of a neutral colour palette and pared down tailored pieces that show off her flawless figure (and of course her jealously-inducing pins), ensuring her outfits are always pristinely executed.
The pristinely white dust jacket is embossed with an unidentified numismatic medallion that looks like the image of Alexander the Great but is probably supposed to be Constantine.
Songs such as Que Sera, Sera and Move Over Darling were pristinely dreamy.
15), beautiful (Love Reign O'er Me) and funny/moving (Bellboy) Who music, pristinely remastered and packaged with a book and engrossing 13,000-word Townshend essay, plus a folio of his work notes.
Just a short stroll through the pristinely manicured gardens and there's glorious, silky-soft white sand between your toes.
Indeed, at a party for top brokers last week, Katzen pointed out some of the finer points of the cast-iron Soho building, which has been pristinely updated by the Italian property company.
Photographs of the interiors show kitchens and living areas that are conceived in a pristinely rectilinear style, their component parts minimalist and unobtrusive.
Uplands has been pristinely maintained by owner Dr Jim Hay since the departure of Jane Chapple-Hyam to Newmarket.
The science canister inside burst open, and particles collected pristinely in outer space were exposed to all the grime on Earth.
The ultimate haven, Nurai is surrounded by crystal clear waters and ringed with pristinely beautiful sandy beaches.
The Bible is full of intriguing characters, ranging from the pristinely righteous to the incorrigibly wicked and including every shade of gray in between.