private communication

See: secret
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While these few words were being exchanged among the elders, a private communication was in course of progress between the two young people under the cabin table.
"You say Gavrila Ardalionovitch has private communications with Aglaya?--Impossible!"
"Faith, the Major's big enough to choose for himself," Sir Michael said; "he'll ask ye when he wants ye"; or else he would turn the matter off jocularly, declaring that "Dobbin was too young to keep house, and had written home to ask lave of his mamma." Nay, he went farther, and in private communications with his Major would caution and rally him, crying, "Mind your oi, Dob, my boy, them girls is bent on mischief--me Lady has just got a box of gowns from Europe, and there's a pink satin for Glorvina, which will finish ye, Dob, if it's in the power of woman or satin to move ye."
"She may have had, like myself, her own private communications for some favoured ear."
This was first explored in protocols that can be used to generate cryptographic keys used to guarantee private communication. The main aim of this research project is to explore other applications of quantum information to cybersecurity: develop theoretical quantum security protocols, and study their viability and feasibility.
Deputy Commissioner also visited Water Filtration Plant and a private Communication Center where deserving women are paid amount of Benazir Income Program.
4200, or the Anti-Wiretapping Law, explicitly barred anyone from surreptitiously recording 'private communication or spoken word' without the consent of the parties involved.
He said the code also prohibits private communication or correspondence between magistrates and litigants and involvement in business or activities that may result in a conflict of interest.
And a top cop said the developers had "perfected secure private communication".
One leading police officer has said: "The developers have perfected secure private communication."
Tunku Ismail also maintained that 'spying on' someone's personal or private communication was wrong and defended his right to speak the truth.