private enterprise

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Private enterprise has its place, but it has fragmented the postal service, is in the process of destroying the Royal Mail Universal Service, lowered working conditions and earnings along with destroying in-house Royal Mail promotions as a career path all initiated by Thatcher along with the current housing and skills crisis.
The free market isn't free and private enterprise has now become very public.
Goddard, the original "rocket scientist" and another brilliant product of American private enterprise.
In the future, MTMC's containers will be leased from private enterprise.
So, by this definition, primal communities that owned all things in common had not "instituted socialism," and merchants selling exotic spices during the time of the Roman Empire were not capitalists in the modern sense (they were engaging in private enterprise within the context of an economic system based on slave labor).
China's recent official endorsement of private enterprise is profoundly important, setting the stage for deregulation, structural change and fresh foreign interest in its potentially huge market, according to analysts.
And for the beginners: establishing a special PR research-information center; conducting a number of programs in areas of public relations for Russian military, state and private enterprise officials (some of these will be part of an exchange program with U.
And, as I suspect President Clinton will discover, you can't "end welfare as we know it" by relying on private enterprise either.
The coalition's Model State Unfair Competition Bill would bar government agencies and non-profits from competing with private enterprises at the risk of losing their tax-exempt status and create a Private Enterprise Review Commission to judge compliance.
Although the abolition of private ownership of the means of production is a fundamental tenet of Marxist-Leninist ideology, private enterprise has survived in parts of socialist Eastern Europe.
Despite the lure of new products and NASA's sales pitch offering sapce as the next industrial frontier -- and the $1 billion shuttle as its delivery and service truck -- private enterprise has been slow to hitch research budgets to the space station program.

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