private international law

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Private International Law

A branch of Jurisprudence arising from the diverse laws of various nations that applies when private citizens of different countries interact or transact business with one another.

Private international law refers to that part of the law that is administered between private citizens of different countries or is concerned with the definition, regulation, and enforcement of rights in situations where both the person in whom the right inheres and the person upon whom the obligation rests are private citizens of different nations. It is a set of rules and regulations that are established or agreed upon by citizens of different nations who privately enter into a transaction and that will govern in the event of a dispute. In this respect, private International Law differs from public international law, which is the set of rules entered into by the governments of various countries that determine the rights and regulate the intercourse of independent nations.

private international law

the rules of a legal system governing which rules are to be applied in cases with an international dimension, as where one party is French and one German and the subject of the transaction is in Africa. It also considers enforcement of judgments obtained. It does consider matters of public law, which are treated under public international law. See FORUM NON CONVENIENS, LEXI LOCI DELICTI, LEX LOCI SITUS, LIS ALIBI PENDENS.
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Dumoulin founded the theory on the autonomy of will, in private international law, claiming that the parties may also submit their contract to laws other than the one of the place where the contract was concluded.
The ILS focuses primarily on private international law, such as international litigation and arbitration, as well as international corporate, tax, and trade law.
attention to private international law is a classic illustration of how
The Hague Conference on Private International Law is an intergovernmental organization, working toward 'progressive unification of the rules of private international law', according to Article 1 of its Statute.
The brief noted that "various documents and texts" figured in the development of American law, among them English common and statutory law, Roman law, the civil law of continental Europe and private international law.
Private international law is alive and well, and influencing every aspect of life in a modern, globalized world.
European Union rules on the jurisdictional competence of private international law in matters of civil status actions
She also worked for the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and was a Legal Officer at The Hague conference on private international law.
In Canada, the relationship between private international law and class actions is "still in its infancy.
If you live outside your home country your estate is governed by a minimum of three sets of laws: your home country law, the laws of the country your assets are located in and private international law.
By requiring what amounts to a "clear statement rule" for self-executing treaties, the Court makes it marginally more difficult to negotiate a judgments convention, to implement the Choice of Court convention, or to engage in other private international law negotiations.

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