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While it is safe to reject the idea that natural language can be called a symbolic system in which everything is entirely ruled by definitions and so is objectively public like chess, we cannot but agree, as do most philosophers of language, that Wittgenstein is right in his critique of the very possibility of a private language.
However, as the later Wittgenstein has shown, a private language makes no sense.
Unfortunately the book seems to be written in a private language and is virtually unintelligible.
It investigates why, after 7 years of studying English in public schools, students still feel the need to attend private language classes to increase their English language skills for academic and/or job related purposes domestically or abroad.
Chapter 6 contains, among other things, two brief discussions of private language, and an interesting consideration of the theme "All is in flux.
Miss Dumani, who was studying English at a private language school before she was forced to flee her home, said they were given just five minutes to leave.
The infringements pertain to teachers (France and Germany), tourist guides (Portugal), private language schools (Greece), lawyers (Italy), architects (Belgium) and nurses (Spain).
These mouths gnash, curse, and bite, but rarely do they speak: the private language of these women's other mouths goes unheard by others.
Cook applies the above ideas to a wide variety of topics including the issues of solipsism, phenomenalism, behaviourism, causation, induction, logical possibilities, memory and the past, mental states, rule following and private language.
But the left too often exiles itself from popular culture with dour polemics and the private language of the perpetually marginalized.
Other than cleaning cars under the scorching summer heat for the last two years, Shereen paints houses, sells homemade food and conducts private language tutorials for children to stay afloat.