private language

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"People send their children to these schools because they cannot bear the fees of the private language and international schools.
Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
Read and Hayes (2003) in their two-phase study surveyed language schools in New Zealand which included both private language schools (independent commercial enterprises) and teaching centres belonging to public universities.
'They used their own tongues as a private language, and I often wondered what topics of the day they discussed.
In recent years, more universities without their own language programmes have also formed partnerships with private language schools, providing students headed towards those third-party providers with assurance that once their language abilities improved they would have a place at the university.
And that's what I do with these poems: each one is a tiny quest for resonance, a private language."
But Ed only recently started following Cherry on Twitter, though they seem to have their own private language as he posted to her recently: "@CherrySeaborn oroite thur buh, haaaya gettin orn?" Cherry attends Duke University in New York, where she joined the hockey team, and she's an incredibly talented player.
The transaction includes an agreement that will give McGraw-Hill Education exclusive global rights to distribute busuu to B2B customers, including schools, private language institutions and corporations.
Regarding education, do you see how education is in Egypt now, and how large the levels of disparity are between the education levels in our schools with their different categories: normal, experimental, experimental language, private Arabic, and private language, until reaching the international schools?
I could see a new kind of private language or low-level communication emerging from this kind of wearable, using pulses or squeezes."
It now works exclusively with international schools, colleges, universities and private language centres handling the recruitment and expatriation of staff into China, Malaysia, and various Gulf countries including the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
Wexford), and, rather oddly, a private language once used by the pop singer Enya which, we are told, even that singer has herself abandoned).