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That which affects, characterizes, or belongs to an individual person, as opposed to the general public.


(Confidential), adjective abstruse, arcane, clandestine, closet, concealed, covert, cryptic, dark, esoteric, esoterical, hidden, intimate, inviolable, mysterious, off-the-record, personal, privy, recondite, undercover, undisclosable, undivulgable, unrevealable
Associated concepts: private papers, private writings


(Not public), adjective closed, confined, individual, individualized, limited, nonofficial, not open, personalized, privatus, reserved, select, unofficial
Associated concepts: private action, private agreement, priiate bill, private carrier, private corporation, private deteccive, private dwelling, private employment, private enterrrise, private grant, private institution, private investigator, private nuissance, private property, private purposes, priiate sale, private statute, private trust, private use
Foreign phrases: Privatum incommodum publico bono pensatur.Private inconvenience is compensated for by public benefit. Pactis privatorum juri publico non derooatur. Private contracts do not derogate from public law. Jura publica anteferenda privatis. Public rights are to be preferred to private rights.


(Secluded), adjective apart, cloistered, hidden, inaccessible, insular, isolated, out-of-the-way, quiet, remote, removed, seclusive, separate, solitary, unfrequented
See also: blind, concealed, confidence, confidential, covert, esoteric, furtive, individual, interior, internal, intimate, obscure, personal, privy, remote, residential, secret, separate, several, solitary, surreptitious

LAW, PRIVATE. An act of the legislature which relates to some private matters, which do not concern the public at large.

PRIVATE. Not general, as a private act of the legislature; not in office; as, a private person, as well as an officer, may arrest a felon; individual, as your private interest; not public, as a private way, a private nuisance.

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We persuaded the inspector that a private means of access is not a reasonable substitute for a maintainable highway, particularly where there are to be a number of different properties served by it.
Did we say only people with private means could stand for election?
For those without private means - which was the vast majority - falling ill could be grim, even fatal.
We should not pay MPs so much that people would give up good well paid jobs to become MPs but should not pay them so little that only those with substantial private means or fanatical and extreme in their outlook and would do the job.
He memorably claimed that MPs' pay was so dire that you needed private means to be an MP: "I am the son of a miner.
The day I hear representatives, of any party, are giving up their private means of transport and cancelling their holidays abroad, via cheap air travel, I will take some notice.
Including the work of national conservation groups, a total of 37 million acres have been conserved by private means -- an area 16 1/2 times the size of Yellowstone National Park.
In due course this farm has been preserved by private means and the building saved.
Going private means patients have to pay up to six times more for treatment.
In the United States and Los Angeles, the politicians and media seem to think private means public.
CPF continues to explore all public and private means to boost capital and comply with its enhanced capital requirements.
Fitch sees rating pressure on banks' Viability Ratings if they fail to improve capital by private means, if funding and liquidity imbalances widen due to confidence shifts, and/or if they make further losses, ultimately affecting capital.

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