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That which affects, characterizes, or belongs to an individual person, as opposed to the general public.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

LAW, PRIVATE. An act of the legislature which relates to some private matters, which do not concern the public at large.

PRIVATE. Not general, as a private act of the legislature; not in office; as, a private person, as well as an officer, may arrest a felon; individual, as your private interest; not public, as a private way, a private nuisance.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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I outlined three argumentative strategies used by volunteers when dealing with these ambiguities: (1) accommodating challenges to the social identity of the volunteer by stressing his or her commitment to abstract objectives; (2) accommodating contentions about the powerful asymmetries between the donors and the recipients of volunteering by invoking a sociality that includes both; and (3) accommodating complaints about the (alleged) self-interest of volunteers by defining the personal benefits achieved by volunteering not as ends in themselves but as private means to public ends.
"Two-storey maisonettes with private means of access do not fall within the HMO licensing regime.
When analysing the data presented in chart 4, it should be noted that a vast majority of expenses allocated to dental services comes from the patients' private means. It is similar with buying drugs.
Qatar Airways chief executive officer Akbar al-Baker said: "The Umrah season and Eid holidays are the time of the year when families traditionally travel together and we are pleased to offer the private means of flying for our highly discerning customers".
So let's not get carried away with the idea that private means better, they are about making money.
De Jasay's ordered anarchy, on the other hand, allows for enforcement of conventions through private means: opprobrium, shame, refusal of future dealings, and so on.
So we developed Tweekaboo to give parents a simple, secure and private means of recording and sharing these precious moments with family and close friends," Tweekaboo Founder - and father of 4 - Eugene Murphy said.
"Educate kids on the constitutional roots and proper exercise of the right to keep and bear arms." Protection of Private Property Act: Any legally owned private property may be kept in or on a private means of transportation at any place the means of transportation may legally be.
In 1911 he was recorded as living by Private Means and married his former servant, Sarah Ann Newby.
It was a lesson that a visionary approach is the only way to achieve excellence; it was the only project at Oberlin to be fully funded through private means prior to breaking ground.
Pay was typically low (albeit untaxed, so as not to create records of employees), thereby relying often on those with private means. In short, the Service had often (with exceptions) taken on what are described as 'second-raters' without rigorous selection or training.
Germany would protect its banks' depositors on its own and through private means. Only the sheer gravity of the situation brought Germany back within the European realm for the subsequent G-20 meeting.

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