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"We will continue to crack down on those responsible over the summer months and anyone seen on the private property will have their bikes seized."
Catholic social teaching upholds private property as one of the most important ways to promote individual security and family stability.
The law officer said the damage to private property was estimated at Rs3.3m in the province.
Talking to media outside the Parliament House, he said that an investigation was underway to identify people involved in damaging public and private property. He said the government wanted to resolve such issues amicably.
'The state should ensure the application of the current law does not result in unlawful deprivation of private property,' Gichuhi said.
If you want to place in a private property, fine...insofar as I'm concerned, tapos na 'yan (the issue has been settled).
Elgin's practice since the 1990s has been to replace the city's portion of lead service lines -- but not lead service lines on private property -- when there are water main replacement projects.
Equally important is the need to protect the ability of private property owners to use their property for uses consistent with the public's recreational uses of another's property.
A NORTH Wales farmer has been charged with failing to comply with a community protection notice, by allegedly allowing livestock to stray onto the highway and on to private property.
According to economic doctrine, the resource management tragedies of nonmarket policies -- such as California groundwater law -- become so severe that these policies are cast off in favor of private property policy.
An Overview of Private Property in the Western and Christian Traditions

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