private understanding

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brought him yet stronger suspicion of there being a something of private liking, of private understanding even, between Frank Churchill and Jane.
Horace's jealousy saw something suspiciously suggestive of a private understanding in Julian's earnest attention and in Mercy's downcast face.
It even seemed to Winterbourne at times that Giovanelli would find a certain mental relief in being able to have a private understanding with him--to say to him, as an intelligent man, that, bless you, HE knew how extraordinary was this young lady, and didn't flatter himself with delusive-- or at least TOO delusive--hopes of matrimony and dollars.
The beauty of the play is that Kate and Petruchio finally come to a private understanding that is profound and indestructible.
If there is an underlying fault in Works & Days, it is that its author occasionally substitutes bloodless abstraction for the emotionally salient image, as in the poem "Song for the Shell Shaker": "Maybe it was the day when something passed / between the woman / and the words she spoke, / a private understanding / like the silent nods of the blind.
US officials were especially furious about the announcement because they thought they had reached a private understanding with Netanyahu that even though East Jerusalem was not officially included in the moratorium, he would prevent any provocative actions there.
For Wittgenstein, because this is to transcend publicly available means of conveying understanding, this realist's understanding is a private understanding.
Charles Brower, finally, demonstrates how the character of international dispute solution shifted over time, from a private understanding to a much more public one.
Since the election, Dr Paisley has also twice informed reporters that he intends to serve his full four-year term, which is believed to breach a private understanding with Deputy Leader Peter Robinson and the DUP's rotating ministerial team.
It's surprising that Velure, who is a highly regarded jurist, and Roberts, who is the kind of lawyer people in trouble want on their side, would fail to see how their private understanding would affect public confidence in the judicial selection process.

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