private war

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James Pattison's The Morality of Private War tackles these questions in a very comprehensive and thorough way.
Since then, there has been a private war of words between Glentoran, the IFA and NIFL.
Teams of lawyers, analysts, PR firms and the MA & NH governors worked to settle a private war that brought public harm to real people.
In the second episode, Stan's own private war with Oleg is continuing and all is not well for Philip and Elizabeth as they tackle their various missions.
El 3 de septiembre pasado aparecio la biografia de Jerome David Salinger (1919-2010) titulada: The Private War of J.
Another said Charles Green was a boa constrictor and Craig Mather was a mongoose, sworn enemies who'd make the manager the first casualty of a private war.
Private War Contractors: Although controversial and conspiratorial in nature but it would remain in the greater picture of war and conflict engagements.
All of which meant that, aside from the odd request for sweets from mum Sam's stash up front, the journey passed without them either driving us both insane and/ or starting their own private war in the back.
Carlos was sentenced in December 2011 to life in jail, with a minimum of 18 years before parole, for four deadly attacks which prosecutors said were part of a private war he had waged against France to free two comrades.
Book news company Publishers Weekly revealed on Tuesday that publishing company Simon & Schuster has acquired David Shields and Shane Salerno's biography The Private War of JD Salinger.
Ready to wage your own private war against the demons in your head.
The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq--Helen Benedict.

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