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To do Buldeo justice, if he had been ten years younger he would have taken his chance with Akela had he met the wolf in the woods, but a wolf who obeyed the orders of this boy who had private wars with man-eating tigers was not a common animal.
Her vice, her crime, her law alike were inspired by a fierce and terrible energy, and like the great cities of mediaeval Italy, her ways were dark and adventurous with private war.
Indeed, they are the main military rivals to the jihadis of Islamic State and al-Qaeda who are currently trying to establish a foothold in the country -- and by and large they are winning those little private wars.
The works thus unfailingly allude to the private wars aforementioned.
The author has organized the main body of her text in eight chapters focused on the barons and castellans of the mid-fifteenth century, lands and fortresses, barons in the cities, honor, faction, and private wars, a life in arms, allegiance and rebellion in the fifteenth century, and allegiance and rebellion in the Italian Wars.
It's well understood that peace is bad for business and that war generates profits so perhaps we could just have little private wars without the killing.
Hence all the guerillas (terrorists in modern parlance) once armed and trained were uncontrollable as they fought their own private wars.
So the two armies went about their private wars, Ravaging and plundering and leaving deep scars.
in light of] America's foreign policies and private wars in the Muslim world.
The story of how the Japanese military gradually took over the government through bullying and assassination, and ran private wars in Manchuria and then China, is fascinating--hut missing.
Make no mistake: this is dizzying debut fiction, bursting at the spine with beautifully articulated ideas about love, yes, but also - and with maddening resonance - about the private wars love forces us to wage with ourselves.