private wrong

See: tort
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It must have been a private wrong, and not a political one, which called for such a methodical revenge.
With the exception of defamation--which is likewise explicable in terms of no person being in charge of another--each category of tort is a private wrong involving the use of another's means.
Towards the middle, on page number 123, the judges finally consider the argument of the petitioners that defamation is a private wrong and it should not be criminalised.
Every penny of the potential pounds 141million NHS bill to publicly correct a private wrong must be refunded by clinics and insurers.
For redress of a public wrong, it is appropriate that the state have the power to determine whether to prosecute the wrong; for redress of a private wrong, it is appropriate that the victim of the wrong solely have that power [136].
a tort or other private wrong, unlike the officers' actions in
The Juarez murders are in most senses a private wrong (11) (see Brysk 2005)--or a set or series of private wrongs.
Though it carries out a sort of punishment, the play protects the self-image of the bourgeois class by linking the husband's "kindness" to respectability and family prestige and by dealing with adultery as a private wrong privately judged.
Like other Revenge tragedies typical of the time, Middleton's drama tells the story of a body hired to avenge a private wrong.
On the other hand, someone may commit a civil or private wrong.
Tort: A private wrong, independent of contract and committed against an individual, that gives rise to a legal liability and is adjudicated in a civil court.
Again a possible crime against society is being addressed as a private wrong between two people.