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That which affects, characterizes, or belongs to an individual person, as opposed to the general public.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

LAW, PRIVATE. An act of the legislature which relates to some private matters, which do not concern the public at large.

PRIVATE. Not general, as a private act of the legislature; not in office; as, a private person, as well as an officer, may arrest a felon; individual, as your private interest; not public, as a private way, a private nuisance.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Results indicated that the sample scored average on 12 personality factors (Table1) Warmth (46.66%), Dominance (40%), Liveliness (48.33%), Conscientious (51.66%), Social Boldness (55%), Sensitivity (43.33%), Abstractedness (48.33%), Privateness (51.66%), Openness to Change (56.66%), Self-Reliance (53.33%), Perfectionism (43.33%) and Tension (55%).
Hierarchical regression in prediction of underwater performance (n = 581) Block Variable [R.sup.2] [DELTA][R.sup.2] 1 .03 .03 2 .10 .07 General intelligence Reasoning 3 .30 .20 Emotional stability Liveliness Sensitivity Apprehension Self-control Tension Facilitating anxiety Inhibiting anxiety Block Variable F [beta] t 1 1.68 2 20.80 *** General intelligence .211 4.68 *** Reasoning .119 2.59 ** 3 18.68 *** Emotional stability .127 2.31 * Liveliness .007 0.14 Sensitivity -.182 -4.42 *** Apprehension -.126 -2.43 * Self-control .194 4.20 *** Tension -.102 -2.01 * Facilitating anxiety .131 3.19 ** Inhibiting anxiety -.021 -0.46 Note: Comparison model: Block 1 (warmth, dominance, rule-consciousness, social boldness, vigilance, abstractedness, privateness, radicalism, self-reliance).
Whether a state agency like the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy or the Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation will be able to benefit from state action immunity from federal antitrust law will thus depend on the circuit and how strictly it analyzes the agency's structure for signs of privateness. A challenger who can show that an agency is dominated by and accountable to market participants is certainly well off in the Fourth Circuit, though such characteristics may also make the difference in "laundry list" circuits like the First (where Judge Breyer had specifically referred to pharmacists (389)), Ninth, and Eleventh, especially among judges who respect the author of the Areeda-Hovenkamp treatise.
Non-public network protocol has the feature of privateness, thus the protocol analysts are faced with the problems of the complication and ambiguity of the protocol space.
It is evident from this quotation that even in its origins, the concept of the public sphere relegated women to the realm of privateness. Participation in the public sphere (oikos) was prohibited to them.
Those factors were: (1) Factor Q3, Perfectionism; (2) Factor Q4, Tension; (3) Factor N, Privateness; and (4) Factor G, Rule-consciousness.
They found that the N (privateness) and Q2 (self-reliance) scales predicted the missionaries' likelihood of continuing service.
Mainstream economic theory in the Hardin vein assumes that these problems derive not from the privateness of property, but from residual 'commons' (such as air and water being incompletely privatised).
(46) Barring such paternalistically-motivated legislation has nothing to do with the "privateness" of the wrongs done others and everything to do with what I call the "derived right to liberty." (47)
As this Article explores, however, the phenomenon of public sex problematizes the seemingly obvious connection between the "nature" of a site (i.e., its privateness or publicness) and the existence of cognizable privacy and liberty interests on the part of individuals who engage in sex at that site.
Author Siegelbaum (history, Michigan State U.) touches upon a broad range of subjects, giving a concise history of the automobile industry itself, but also delving into the idea of Soviet "automobilism" as sociocultural practice and examining the ways the privateness of the automobile interacted and conflicted with state goals.