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privation de liberte sont davantage marques par des violations des droits humains.
Descartes' very choice of cold as the object of a tactile sensation and considered, however tentatively, as an alleged privation in Medit.
Following this largely descriptive presentation of these four models, chapter 5 develops a fifth model, F.'s own normative position that combines Augustine's explanation of evil as "privation" with Aristotle's virtue ethics.
Dans une declaration accordee a Africanmanager, Msadak Ouannes, syndicaliste dans le secteur minier a Gafsa, a declare qu'une marche de protestation pacifique qui regroupera des habitants, syndicalistes, societe civile...sera organisee dans quelques instants pour denoncer la violence et la privation de la region de Guetar en matiere de developpement.
Office bearers and employees of WAPDA collectively rejected the privatization of electric companies and appealed the prime minister of Pakistan to take back privation decision and end the corruption.
Among other lessons, Walden teaches how the vastness of time and space, and a self-imposed distance from the values and rhythms of workaday society, do not have to confirm privation, but rather may reveal to us new approaches for neighboring ourselves.
They are justifiably renowned for their determination to provide quality medical care despite extreme privation, perilous circumstances and, at times, a lack of the most rudimentary medical equipment.
I submit that what unites these acts is the idea of privation. Humbert's actions deprive Dolores both of her childhood and of a healthy father-daughter relationship that, if it had existed, would have constituted a great good in the life of the young Dolores.
(The latter is putatively imbued with Platonism.) Briefly put, the strategy in question is to maintain that evil is the privation of good, or the privation of being, and being is thought to be something that admits of degrees, much as Plato describes reality with the divided line, for example, in the Republic.
I'm afraid the only big idea the Tories ever had was privatisation and our privation, leaving the scraps for our businesses and workers to fight over.
Schumacher proposes a concept of the evil of death as a privation: the human being's consciousness that he can and must die has its origin in the experience of the death of another human being.
It will be weeks, perhaps months, before they can be rescued - during which time they will face constant physical privation, mental hardships, and the threat of further collapses.