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Les privations diverses et des inegalites "ont explose au Maroc", les defaillances a differents niveaux aussi, selon une enquete de l'Unicef portant sur la pauvrete multidimensionnelle des enfants de "plus en plus laisses pour compte" notamment dans les regions rurales que compte le pays, ou quatre enfants sur dix sont dans une situation de pauvrete.
Nails does not seem to be saying either that it would not be clear which is the substantial element and which the privation or that it would not be clear which is the positive element and which the negative.
ten: "Those not distinguishing between privation and habitus and two contraries"), where (12b26-13a35) Aristotle argued that privation and habitus were not and could not be opposed as contraries.
The author reveals how constant privation and loss debased men and women alike.
Dans le cadre de la detention preventive, il faut deduire de la duree totale de la privation de liberte, la periode de detention que la personne a subi pendant l'instruction.
The twofold purpose of this chapter is to argue "that the Augustinian account is to be preferred over its alternatives" (16), and "to draw a hitherto unexplored connection between Augustine and Aristotle, that is, between the privation thesis and character development" (16).
In conversation, a friend and colleague who is as much a student of Plato as Emerson emphasized a line from Emerson's "Address" to the Divinity School at Cambridge--"Evil is merely privative, not absolute" (Emerson, 1:78)--with a question for me not concerning the existence of evil, but the nature of privation.
They are justifiably renowned for their determination to provide quality medical care despite extreme privation, perilous circumstances and, at times, a lack of the most rudimentary medical equipment.
In both cases, the novel repeatedly points to the absence or privation of what could and should have been.
Briefly put, the strategy in question is to maintain that evil is the privation of good, or the privation of being, and being is thought to be something that admits of degrees, much as Plato describes reality with the divided line, for example, in the Republic.
I'm afraid the only big idea the Tories ever had was privatisation and our privation, leaving the scraps for our businesses and workers to fight over.
I send my aroha to those who are coping with grief, damage and privation.