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A vibrant mechanism to keep transparency was in place and there were four forums working for the transaction of public sector enterprises including evaluation committee, transaction committee, board of privatization and Cabinet Committee on privatization, he added.
In his words, this is why the privatization program for 2015 only includes the BSE-Sofia.
context, given the fact that--for privatization advocates and critics
The Sharif-led government is also expected to face a tough time convincing his countrymen that the privatization program is not driven by IMF conditions.
The minister also compared the privatization process in Turkey to Eastern Europe and Russia.
Miroljub Sukarov, former director of the privatization agency and professor at the University of Southeast Europe, believes this topic has been doing the Macedonian economy harm for twenty years.
The authors, Madelyn Freundlich and Sarah Gerstenzang, said that despite the enthusiasm with which some quarters have embraced privatization, evaluation of privatization efforts generally has been limited to self-studies that lack the requisite objectivity for solid assessments.
11) Consequently, lower occupancy rates results in a decreased cash flow to the developer which, in turn, results in decreased funds to operate the privatization projects.
Coverage of privatization in Bolivia here is quite timely given the recent election results in that country.
Headquarters Air Education and Training Command Civil Engineer, said the forums provide prospective developers information about the command's multi-installation housing privatization initiative.
THE UPPER HOUSE passed bills which will lead by March 2006 to the privatization of the Japan Highway Public Corporation, Metropolitan Expressway Public Corporation, Hanshin Expressway Public Corporation and Honshu-Shikoku Bridge authority.
Shourie's ambition is for more schools, more roads, more airports, and more opportunity, paid for initially by privatization receipts.