privilege to publish

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The full extent of GRG's mistreatment of thousands of small and medium-sized firms was revealed yesterday when the Treasury Select Committee used parliamentary privilege to publish a dossier written by City regulator the Financial Conduct Authority.
It is a privilege to publish her extraordinary books.
It was my privilege to publish the late Finn Aagaard's first story, but he was really John Wootters' find.
Onazi for the privilege to publish this academic work which shows tremendous understanding of how things really work at the grassroots level.
In such a case, the media had an ancillary privilege to publish in good faith apparently reliable information obtained from a person who has an apparent duty or interest in making the information available to the public.
Secondly, in particularly egregious cases, our group (after an appropriate deliberative process) may elect to limit the author's privilege to publish in our journals for a specified period of time.
There, Scaliger and Constantin had another close friend in the publisher and bookdealer Antoine Vincent, who obtained a privilege to publish in early September 1560 (Constantin himself got the rights seven months later to an annotated edition of this and other works of Scaliger).
Bullen that had elated him: "We count it a privilege to publish your books.