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Then there's the small stuff, such as repeated references to Duchamp as "the Frenchman" (when they make Privileged Information - The Movie, the poster will have a credit reading, " .
The prosecutors' office also said Georgios Christofourou, director of the Romanian branch of Bank of Cyprus, and another employee Anastasios Isaakidis gave Ciorcila privileged information that their bank was seeking to buy a stake in Banca Transilvania.
The advocate general's opinion: The mere fact that a person in possession of privileged information has acted with knowledge of this information is enough to conclude the existence of insider dealing, illegal under EU law.
The 9th Circuit in Van Asdale agreed that a draconian ban on retaliation suits built upon privileged information was unfair in light of the availability of familiar trial court procedures that would preserve judicial redress for in-house counsel and the core values underlying the attorney-client relationship.
The other solution is to seek uniformity among the federal circuits on the issue to protect privileged information, he said.
Privileged information is susceptible to waiver by interception of inadvertent disclosure in electronic communications.
Jockeys are not permitted to bet, but have been censured for passing on privileged information for reward.
Little distinction is made between the relative importance of stored information, making it difficult for attorneys to determine what is considered privileged information. Consequently, computer forensics teams are often forced to sift through information to ensure no privileged information is inadvertently disclosed.
Employers should note that this law does not prohibit them from having confidentiality agreements to avoid disclosures of proprietary information, trade secrets or other legally privileged information. Also be aware that under federal labor laws, employees have a broad, legal right to engage in concerted activities related to wages and other terms and conditions of employment.
Bradley is being questioned by the Jockey Club's disciplinary committee over his self-confessed passing of privileged information and alleged relationship with suspected drugs smuggler Brian Wright at the hearing, which is expected to conclude tomorrow.
With more companies on alert about computer system break-ins and the need to protect privileged information, the hacker's "song and dance" is becoming increasingly vulnerable to government intervention.
Villalonga denied the use of privileged information on June 16, reacting to articles in Spanish newspaper El Mundo accusing him of insider trading.