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One who has a direct, successive relationship to another individual; a coparticipant; one who has an interest in a matter; private.

Privy refers to a person in privity with another—that is, someone involved in a particular transaction that results in a union, connection, or direct relationship with another. Privies in blood are the heirs of an ancestor. Privies in estate are people who succeed or receive an assignment of property, such as a grantor and a grantee, lessor and lessee, or assignor and assignee.


adjective acquainted with, arcane, auricular, buried, clandestine, cognizant of, concealed, confidential, covert, cryptic, cryptical, dark, exclusive, furtive, hidden, limited, murky, mysterious, nonpublic, obscure, personal, private, recondite, reserved, restricted, secret, sequestered, stealthy, surreptitious, undisclosed, unrevealed


noun contracting party, interested party, participant, party
Associated concepts: parties and privies
See also: confidential, mysterious, personal, private, secret, stealthy

PRIVY. One who is a partaker, or has an interest in any action, matter or thing.

References in classic literature ?
I went forth privily in the night-time, and turned his cattle into his fields, and in the morning heard his whooping laugh as he drove them out again.
A few minutes later the mate came fumbling about in search of it, but I returned it privily to Leach next day.
But for me to turn to the friend who certainly loved me, and say to him: "You are in great danger, I am in but little; your friendship is a burden; go, take your risks and bear your hardships alone " no, that was impossible; and even to think of it privily to myself, made my cheeks to burn.
Saxon was white with anger, but while Sarah wandered on in her diatribe, Tom managed to wink privily and prodigiously at his sister and to implore her to help in keeping the peace.
On being excluded, the old ladies changed their tone, and cried through the keyhole that old Sally was drunk; which, indeed, was not unlikely; since, in addition to a moderate dose of opium prescribed by the apothecary, she was labouring under the effects of a final taste of gin-and-water which had been privily administered, in the openness of their hearts, by the worthy old ladies themselves.
the green knight commanded thirty knights privily to watch Beaumains, for to keep him from all treason.