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One who has a direct, successive relationship to another individual; a coparticipant; one who has an interest in a matter; private.

Privy refers to a person in privity with another—that is, someone involved in a particular transaction that results in a union, connection, or direct relationship with another. Privies in blood are the heirs of an ancestor. Privies in estate are people who succeed or receive an assignment of property, such as a grantor and a grantee, lessor and lessee, or assignor and assignee.


adjective acquainted with, arcane, auricular, buried, clandestine, cognizant of, concealed, confidential, covert, cryptic, cryptical, dark, exclusive, furtive, hidden, limited, murky, mysterious, nonpublic, obscure, personal, private, recondite, reserved, restricted, secret, sequestered, stealthy, surreptitious, undisclosed, unrevealed


noun contracting party, interested party, participant, party
Associated concepts: parties and privies
See also: confidential, mysterious, personal, private, secret, stealthy

PRIVY. One who is a partaker, or has an interest in any action, matter or thing.

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20 ends with "Heresies: " "False teachers among you who privily shall bring in damnable heresies" (II Peter 8.
In the image and after the likeness (115) of him who transforms himself into an angel of light, (116) having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof, (117) they are adorned all around after the similitude of a temple, (118) that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart (119).
Various theft charges have been included in this analysis: stealing, stealing from a dwelling house, from bleaching grounds, from ships, stealing privily (which includes picking pockets and shoplifting), horse theft, sheep stealing, as well as burglary and housebreaking.
In an appraisal setting, the question is whether a nonclient, not in privily or in a contractual relationship with the defendant (appraiser), can bring an action against a defendant-appraiser for the appraiser's allegedly failing to exercise a reasonable standard of care in preparing an appraisal.
25: wa qad afda ba dukum ila ba din "when each of you have been privily with the other.
In West Lynn Creamery, there was at least the possibility of strong de facto scope, because, although milk dealers and milk producers are separate entities, their relationship is marked by contractual privily so that the pass-through of taxes or subsidy payments between them was possible and perhaps even likely.