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PRIVY SEAL, Eng. law. A seal which the king uses to such grants or things as pass the great seal. 2 Inst. 554.

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Receipts for the 1606 subsidies stabilized at the slightly higher rate of 69,000 [pounds sterling], a development which may have been assisted by the concurrent decision to assign part of the receipts towards repayment of the 1604 Privy Seal loans.
Lowest of all was London, where the citizens were owed over 210,000 [pounds sterling] by the Crown for loans taken up during the previous decade, and demonstrated their disapproval by paying only four per cent of their quota for the 1625 Privy Seal loans, and less than a single subsidy towards the Forced Loan.
Abbreviations: PSL = Privy Seal loan; Ben = benevolence; subsidies are denoted by a letter suffix, e.