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Having a reciprocal relationship in that the existence of one relationship normally implies the existence of the other.

Mother and child, and duty and claim, are correlative terms.

In the law governing gas and oil transactions, a correlative right is the opportunity of each owner of land making up part of a common source of supply of oil and gas to produce an equitable share of such products.

In the law governing Water Rights, the correlative rights doctrine gives the individual owners of land overlying a strata of percolating waters limited rights to use the water reasonably when there is not enough water to meet the needs of everyone in the area.


adjective accordant, adapted, affiliate, affiliated, affined, affinitive, agnate, agreeing, akin, allied, analogous, anent, applicable, apposite, associated, associative, belonging, cognate, coinciding, collateral, commensurable, commensurate, commutual, comparative, compatible, complemental, concerning, concordant, concurrent, conformable, congeneric, congenerous, congruent, congruous, conjoint, conjunct, conjunctive, connate, connatural, connected, connective, consentaneous, consociate, consonant, conspecific, contingent, coordinate, correspondent, corresponding, equivalent, exchangeable, fellow, fitting, germane, homological, interdependent, interlinked, joined, linked, matched, mutual, mutually related, paired, parallel, pertaining, proportionate, reciprocal, related, relating to, relative, relevant, resembling, suitable, suited
Associated concepts: correlative rights doctrine
See also: agreed, akin, analogous, apposite, coequal, coextensive, cognate, comparable, comparative, complement, concomitant, concordant, congruous, convertible, counterpart, germane, harmonious, incident, interlocking, interrelated, mutual, proportionate, reciprocal, related, relative

CORRELATIVE. This term is used to designate those things, one of which cannot exist without another; for example, father and child; mountain and valley, &c. Law, obligation, right, and duty, are therefore correlative to each other.

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