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MODEL. A machine made on a small scale to show the manner in which it is to be worked or employed.
     2. The Act of Congress of July 4, 1836, section 6, requires an inventor who is desirous to take out a patent for his invention, to furnish a model of his invention, in all cases which admit of representation by model, of a convenient size to exhibit advantageously its several parts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It is also adopted in probabilistic model checking to generate probabilistic counterexamples for lower-bounded properties, through finding bottom strongly connected components (BSCCs)[5].
In today's world, with high-speed computers and databases, financial operators create probabilistic models to estimate risk.
[21]K.Tsuda, M.Kawanabe, G.Ratsch, S.Sonnenburg, K.Muller, "A new discriminative kernel from probabilistic models," Neural Computing, vol.
The investigation of Schizophrenia through neural networks and probabilistic models will certainly imply some fundamental changes for clinical practice.
develop a probabilistic model with Weibull distribution function in different areas [22-24].
In addition, he presented a recognition method for the main failure modes using a five-bar statically indeterminate truss structure and an intermediate complexity wing structure to demonstrate that the new model was more suitable for analysis and design than the probabilistic model. A new hybrid reliability model that contained randomness, fuzziness, and nonprobabilistic uncertainty based on the structural fuzzy random reliability and nonprobabilistic set-based models was presented in [6].
As a methodology based on a probabilistic model, each time an electric vehicle was connected to the system, it had a different state of charge, which was similar to the actual behavior of the battery.
To evaluate the performance of the developed probabilistic model, Salmonella growth response data were collected from frankfurters formulated with various concentrations of NaCl and NaN[O.sub.2], and the growth response data were compared to the results predicted from the probabilistic model under aerobic and anaerobic conditions; growth probability above 0.5 was considered growth (Koutsoumanis et al., 2004).
A different approach is used in [19]; it is based on SET fault injection for gate level characterization; the critical input combination and its probability is derived for combinational blocks; probabilistic model checking using PRISM is used for deriving the reliability at RTL.
But again, in any irreducibly probabilistic model there will be an epistemic "collapse" of the state's probability distribution with any new information, i.e., measurement.
Probabilistic model checking, in particular the probabilistic model checker PRISM [12], has been successfully employed for the verification of various network protocols.
As examples, computing the probability of hitting a specific number or at least a specific quantity of winning numbers at a specific lottery is workable within a probabilistic model, which assumes establishing the right probability field within which to work with the appropriate discrete probability distribution.

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