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noun anticipation, appearance of truth, believability, chance, conceivability, credibility, expectation, fair chance, fair expectation, favorable chance, liability, liableness, likelihood, likeliness, odds, plausibility, possibility, presumption, promise, prospect, reasonable chance, reasonableness, tendency, veri similitudo, verisimilitude
See also: chance, expectation, likelihood, outlook, possibility, presumption, prospect, supposition

PROBABILITY. That which is likely to happen; that which is most consonant to reason; for example, there is a strong probability that a man of a good moral character, and who has heretofore been remarkable for truth, will, when examined as a witness under oath, tell the truth; and, on the contrary, that a man who has been guilty of perjury, will not, under the same circumstances, tell the truth; the former will, therefore, be entitled to credit, while the latter will not.

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TABLE I Classification of ternary problems of conditional probability into families and subfamilies.
Moreover, the usefulness of pre-test probability as a derivative of prevalence in decision making has also been proven.
Sometimes allocating an experimental probability is not possible or very difficult or expensive.
The cells highlighted in dark red in table 3 represent high risk patients whose pre-test probability was of 61-90+%, according to NICE CG95.
A probability metric is an abstract tool enabling the measurement of relationships and differences between random elements irrespective of their precise nature.
What is the probability that a person who has reached age 20 will survive until age 80?
the chance of a random DNA match and does not equal the probability of
Given this debate, it is somewhat surprising to find that relatively little research has been devoted to studying the direct interaction between delay and probability discounting.
This paper presents some examples of Neutrosophic Probability in physics.
These scientists reach a conclusion only when the estimated probability of one scenario becomes sufficiently high.
QP-PQ: quantum probability and white noise analysis; v.

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