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But when Elizabeth told of his silence; it did not seem very likely, even to Charlotte's wishes, to be the case; and after various conjectures, they could at last only suppose his visit to proceed from the difficulty of finding anything to do, which was the more probable from the time of year.
Bulstrode had rarely in his life spoken with such nervous energy: he had been deliberating on this speech and its probable effects through a large part of the night; and though he did not trust to its ultimately saving him from any return of Raffles, he had concluded that it was the best throw he could make.
He was certainly more eager in these visits than the probable speed of events required him to be; but he was stimulated by a fatherly delight in occupying his mind with this bit of probable happiness which he held in store like a hidden birthday gift for Fred and Mary.
Included in that increase are approximately 6,173 Mboe of probables at Desdemona that are expected to be proved with a waterflood pilot and approximately 4,701 Mboe of probables at Nowata that are expected to be proved with a surfactant-polymer (SP) flood pilot.
Cano believes an estimated 6,173 barrels of probable reserves can be proved up with a successful waterflood pilot, with an additional 18,194 barrels of probables proved up later through SP-enhanced flooding.