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PROPOSITUS. The person proposed. In making genealogical tables, the person whose relations it is desirous to find out, is called the propositus.

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identified rare variants of LZTR1 using whole-exome sequencing in 6/50 Brazilian probands (p.
In proband sequencing, subsequent variant analysis and phenotype correlation focus on the individual, whereas with trio WES variants can importantly be analyzed for mode of inheritance, to determine variant phasing (ie, cis versus trans) with respect to parental genotype and whether a given variant is de novo.
Although all probands had co-morbid learning disability and were attending schools with stipulated support in place, the pattern of the proband behaviours could have been very different and it is conceivable that the impact thus brought upon family members would affect their adjustment.
For each proband, 30 metaphases were counted and 5 metaphases were analyzed and karyograms were prepared using the Cytovision computer-assisted karyotyping system version 4.
There was no history suggestive of optic neuritis or diagnosis of schwannoma in any of the other eight affected family members, although all are younger in age to the proband.
Before taking the history, informed consent of parents of proband was taken using the consent form and the information was kept confidential.
Proband B was born prematurely by vaginal delivery in the breech position.
With the assistance of a certified genetic counselor, the pedigree can be analyzed, and it can be determined if genetic testing is indicated for the proband and other members of the family.
Proband have had weakness in distal muscles though self-ambulatory.
Thus, the technique does suffer from the same limitations already described and can be used only for families in which a proband has been identified.