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Cum autem pervenerimus ad philosophiam primam, tunc manifestabitur esse antecedentis, cure probabitur quod principium, scilicet circulus, habet esse; et tunc complebitur probatio consequentis, quod habet esse, et ita, quia nulla scientiarum particularium probetur sine hypothetica.
Our list of parties involved in the criminal justice system, taken from the codes in the ALLCOURT database, includes: AC (person accused, indicted, or suspected of a crime), ARRESTEE (arrested person, or pretrial detainee), CC (person convicted of crime), CRIM INS (person allegedly criminally insane or mentally incompetent to stand trial), POOR D (indigent defendant), PRISONER (prisoner, inmate of penal institution) and PROBATIO, (probationer, or parolee).
of anniculi probatio, according to which a Junian Latin must appear
The first is a probatio (often mistakenly called a vita) written by Abbot Philip of Clairvaux.
Several essays focus on the Middle English version of Elisabeth's probatio in MS Douce 114, (32) but these essays tend to examine solely Philip's description and to ignore issues of translation and altered cultural context.
This will be followed by (c) a probatio or propositio, which will offer a series of proofs that confirm and verify the truth of the case (4.
4) A probatio (or [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] or confirmatio), which presents a series of proofs that confirm the thesis.
Il serait, d'une part, logique que la prescription acquisitive soit devenue inutile en tant que moyen de preuve et que, grace a la force probante des droits inscrits au registre foncier, la probatio diabolica (145) n'existe plus sous le regime du systeme Torrens (146).
Probatio minoris: quia quaelibet res, quantumcumque simplex, videtur posse significari complexe et incomplexe.
29) Everything that seems to be described here for the sake of its own beauty or value serves as probatio with respect to the poet and his addressees,(30) the causa or hypothesis being that, even though the mascarade failed, Jodelle had properly conceived everything.
Quintilian, 4, 2, 79: "Narratio est probationis continua propositio, rursus probatio narrationi congruens confirmatio.