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Workers discharged during the probationary period typically have no recourse to union grievance procedures.
He expressed the hope that in line with contemporary requirements, probationary officers would play an important role in comprehending and resolving the problems being faced by the public.
The bank plans to employ around 1500 new probationary officers in the current year to meet the HR requirements.
In 2001, the new CBA extended probationary full-time appointments to full-time faculty members who did not yet have the required postgraduate degrees provided that the latter complied with the requirement within their probationary period.
Mrs Welch claimed she was unaware that she was on a probationary period and had never received a contract of employment.
She was dismissed two days before her probationary period would have ended.
Graham Carey had his probationary period at Coventry City Council extended from six months to nine months.
A trucker and a teacher in their 40s are being quizzed and a probationary garda in south Dublin has been suspended.
A man will appear in court today charged with the attempted murder of probationary policewoman Rachael Bown.