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Encinia, a Texas A&M University graduate who had worked as a district fire chief for the city of Brenham and for Blue Bell Creameries as an ingredient processing supervisor, was praised in all of his other evaluations during his probationary year.
A probationary period allows an employer and an employee to enter into an employment arrangement in an effort to learn whether the relationship would be a good fit for all involved," she says.
The initiative taken by the CMD is to ensure that young probationary officers are professionally trained through the first three months of their career in a manner that they are ready to effectively serve in branches right away.
Anybody who hopes to become a full citizen of Britain or a permanent resident will have to spend at least one year as a probationary citizen, when they will be ineligible for council housing or most benefits.
Predictors of success for students entering graduate school on a probationary basis.
Be able to reduce the probationary period by demonstrating they are committed to becoming part of British society, for example by taking part in voluntary or community work.
The probationary office is said to have taken a proactive stand.
Only one witness at the trial even arguably lost any money, and it is not a case that calls for imprisonment but for judicial discretion to be exercised, to give a probationary sentence with conditions.
Beyond that, they are considered contract employees with probationary status or as tenured employees.
But it remains to be seen if they stay in step as Auburn moves through its probationary period.
If your employer has a contractual disciplinary procedure, you may have a claim for wrongful dismissal, unless it is stated that the procedure does not apply in a probationary period.
The Football Association of Ireland today confirmed that Uefa's Control and Disciplinary Committee has given Keith Andrews a two-match suspension with the second match suspended for a probationary period," an FAI statement read.