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171) While most probation conditions are prohibitive in nature, recent conditions of probation place an affirmative obligation on the probationer that implicates fundamental rights.
Overall, the results show no statistical difference between HOPE and conventional probation in the average number of arrests when the probationers were pooled across the four sites (738 for HOPE versus 758 for controls).
Muhammad Siddique Javed Chaudhary v Government of West Pakistan, 1974) Thus, the status of a probationer has been equated with that of a permanent servant but only to the extent of checks devised for a permanent servant.
In addition, though, CLTL offers women probationers an equal place at the table, where they are respected for their ideas and intelligence--something not common in their experience.
Two other probationers represented by Moule received government payments of $10,000 and $15,000, respectively.
71) Under the current system, it is not uncommon for a probationer who violates his or her probation to be re-sentenced to a second or concurrent sentence of probation.
The effect of drug use, drug treatment participation, and treatment completion on probationer recidivism.
The biggest and cheapest opportunity to lower both incarceration and crime rates is to transform probation from a minor nuisance to the probationer into a real system of "outpatient corrections," capable of monitoring and reforming the behavior of vast numbers of offenders.
Probationer risk is more than an aggregation of independent characteristics.
Evidence to date suggests that reductions in criminal-justice expenditures due to improved compliance pay several times over for the HOPE programs rather modest costs (about $1,000 per probationer per year, most of that for drug treatment), with reductions in crime and improvements in probationer's welfare and conduct.
The Perthshire probationer - forced to do youth work and seasonal farm work - added: "It's a bit like the old Soviet Union.
An order of the court placing a person on probation or community control shall place the probationer under the authority of the Department of Corrections to be supervised as provided by law.