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A passive probe loads the signal down with its input inductance and capacitance (yellow trace) and does have an effect on the DUT.
For instance, it offers a non-contact, large-area probe that can be used for on-line monitoring of the color of extruded products like vinyl siding immediately after they exit the die.
According to Legacy, it is also available as a retrofit package for existing Zeiss scanning machines, which consists of a new VAST Gold probe head, a module for the Calypso or UMESS programming software, and a new controller firmware.
Esophageal manometry is the preferred method of guiding pH probe placement.
The shank is rested between the teeth against the contact and the probe is angled under the contact area--always watching the angulation.
You prevent the formation of an acidic solution by preventing the ingress of oxygen, and the probe will tell you if you're doing a good job or not," he says.
Making radioactive probes requires expensive machinery.
Even with stable materials, however, most CMM's are dependent on the probe physically touching the workpiece.