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Micro Prober MR252-M Main unit reference price: 23 million yen (before tax)
Following in the tradition of technology leadership, TEL has recently introduced Precio[TM], their latest generation of 300mm wafer probers designed to lower test cell cost-of-ownership while providing maximum flexibility for the dynamic requirements of wafer testing.
Trends in the wafer testing market dictate that a variety of advanced prober capabilities be available to deal with fine pitch wafer processes, increasing functionality and content of devices, higher density of devices per wafer, and advances in packaging technologies.
We anticipate that the advanced technology in this prober, such as active vibration control, will continue to provide performance advantages for our current and future applications.
The combined analysis of data from the prober, probe card and probe card analyzer -- called "closed-loop" metrology correlation -- makes it possible to prescribe corrective actions that optimize probing performance including test-at-temperature, accuracy of prober stage setup and prober to prober consistency.
Because the Flying Prober eliminates the need for bed-of-nails fixtures, it helps reduce program development and debug time and expense while still providing high fault coverage for prototype testing and sample in-line testing," says Elie Bouskela, Teradyne product manager.
4 million, includes both automatic probers (PS21s), and analytical stations (Summit RF and DC probe systems).
The 2100 offers both a robust kinematic mount design for mating the trim head to the prober -- thus providing superior accuracy and vibration resistance -- and a standalone prober operation option on the trim head to provide maximum flexibility for manufacturers wrestling with changes in their production mix.
The manufacturers who build these boards need to test prototypes rapidly, which has led to the success of Teradyne's Flying Prober.
Integrated with TEL's 300mm fully automatic wafer prober, the P-12XLm, the new system provides users with off-line, high speed probe mark inspection analysis.
will supply data preparation software for the Teradyne Flying Prober in-circuit test system.
Demonstrated for the first time here at NEPCON West, the Teradyne Flying Prober delivers the short programming time and high fault coverage of traditional bed-of-nails in-circuit test for prototype, ramp-up, and low-volume/high-mix test applications.