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The introduction of a 300mm Dicing Frame prober adds another key element to TEL's line-up of production-proven wafer probing solutions," says Steve Nagasawa, VP and GM of TEL's Test System BU, "The WDF 12DP is ideally suited to address the advances in packaging and thin wafer technology being driven by the consumer market.
The 2100 offers both a robust kinematic mount design for mating the trim head to the prober, thus providing superior accuracy and vibration resistance, and a standalone prober operation option on the trim head to provide maximum flexibility for manufacturers wrestling with changes in their production mix.
Auto Leveling allows customers to automatically and accurately adjust the planarity between probe cards and the prober chuck.
We anticipate that the advanced technology in this prober, such as active vibration control, will continue to provide performance advantages for our current and future applications.
viii) Source: "Romney Says Board Didn't Alert Probers, Declares Firm Took Corrective Action," The Boston Globe, October 11, 2002; "Romney Confirms Findings Not Turned Over to the Feds," Deseret News, October 11, 2002.
Electroglas has been a leading supplier of wafer probers for over 35 years and has an installed base of more than 10,000 systems.
Tokyo Electron Limited, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, was established in 1963 and has been a long-term supplier of coater/developers, etchers, probers, surface preparation cleaning systems and diffusion furnaces to Intel.
NYSE: TER) announced that its Flying Prober FP1004, a "fixtureless" manufacturing process test system, has been enhanced with new features that improve test throughput and device fault coverage for printed circuit board test.
Based on the innovative EG6000 production prober, the EG6000e is the only 300mm parametric prober that utilizes precision direct-drive technology to achieve the highest accuracy available today.
These probers not only perform very well in terms of pure electrical performance, such as noise and leakage levels, but also are mechanically very robust.
Nasdaq:EGLS), a leading supplier of wafer probers and prober-based test handling solutions for the semiconductor industry, today announced that an Electroglas EG6000 300mm wafer prober has been installed in the Teradyne, Inc.
After researching manufacturers who have deployed flying probers for prototype test, we determined that Teradyne's flying prober is rapidly gaining market share and, more importantly, that Teradyne has built a highly satisfied installed base.