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The Naber's probe or the Furcation probe is a blunt ended instrument that is used buccally and lingually on the periodontal structure to locate possible furcation involvement.
In the late 1990s, CSIRO ran an experiment where several probes were buried within a sulfide-rich tailings repository, in both clean sand above and tailings below a synthetic liner that had been installed to prevent oxygen from reaching the mineral and triggering the formation of sulfuric acid.
None of these probes will approach Galileo in size, complexity or price.
In addition to the probe adapter, Agilent is expanding its offering of oscilloscope probes and accessories with the following new products:
Furthermore, probe production must be quick because the activity of their radioactive elements decreases rapidly.
Our price advantage over other membrane probes accrues from the way we create the raised features on the membrane that actually contact the IC die surface," Carney noted.
When a tool or part is placed within the measuring area, usually on a table, the probe is moved along the object's surface by servo motors, either manually or under automatic control.
The System Navigator Pro series provides a high-performance, dual-mode trace probe with trace bandwidth over 20 Gbps and a high-speed trace buffer that can collect up to 2 Gbytes of trace data.
Once deployed, the 26-kilogram probes at first drift with the currents about 2 kilometers below the surface.
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urges consumers to stop using the worm probes immediately and destroy them.
There are many different types of probes available, including high-voltage (240-v) and low-voltage (24-v, 26-v) types, and probes that have no heater windings - such as high-amp induction units and probes containing "heat-pipe" type devices.
New Probe Card Platform Designed to Address Advanced Technology Requirements and Lower Overall Cost of Test for High-Performance, High-Density DRAM