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If your scope can automatically compensate for the performance of probes, it makes sense to use that feature.
The Equispec OCS with one fiber-optic probe sells for roughly $40,000.
But because of the modeling of the system, and because they've put the necessary algorithms in the control software (which Legacy says are transparent to the user), what happens with a VAST Navigator-equipped machine is that based on the probe configuration and the features to be measured, the system will automatically recommend the fastest scanning velocity.
We believe that the proximal probe should be placed in the pharynx and not in the upper esophagus (figure 2), as has been suggested by some.
Use only one brand of probe to achieve standardization
Exceptionally robust, the probes are designed to last from two to five years (some test site probes have been buried that long and are still functioning), but Patterson admits the wires are a potential weak link in the system.
The five-step chemical reaction that synthesizes the glucose probe requires several different solvents.
Even with stable materials, however, most CMM's are dependent on the probe physically touching the workpiece.
Oceanographers from a dozen or so nations plan to launch an armada of 3,000 Argo probes by 2006.