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Bleeding on probing may be present with or without disease activity and the absence of bleeding upon probing does not necessarily indicate an inflammation-free site or a healthy oral environment.
Trends in the wafer probing market have led to an increasing number of DUT's tested in parallel for memory applications, as well as an increasing number of device pins per die in SOC applications.
The Non-contact Probe system is the only probing technology currently available which enables worry-free in-circuit probing of functional devices, acquires full voltage level information, and is as easy to use as an oscilloscope" says Dan Ouellette, Non-Contact Product Manager at SUSS MicroTec who continues "Our Non-Contact System truly represents the next generation probing technology.
In addition to its MicroSpring(R) contact technology, FormFactor's BR175 product features the company's proprietary MicroForce(TM) probing technology that combines low probe force with stable contact resistance.
The Agilent E2943A active probe board is the key probing solution for the exerciser to be plugged in the ATCA backplane to emulate real ASI designs or topologies.
Challenges in future full wafer testing include managing mechanical, thermal and materials compliance, while simultaneously enabling a very large area array probing solution populated with tens of thousands of geometrically precise contact structures that match the fine features of our customers' devices," said Ben Eldridge, FormFactor's Chief Technology Officer.
The new logic analysis application interacts with an on-chip virtual probing technology to enable logic analyzers to measure up to 64 internal FPGA signals for each debug pin compared to traditional logic analyzers, which measure a single internal FPGA signal for each debug pin.
Customers who want to use the latest high productivity 200mm probing solution from Electroglas can also cost-effectively upgrade existing 4080, 4090 and 4090 Micro prober systems with 4090 Micro Plus technology.
RPC involves creating a scan bus or built-in self-test (BIST) bus that allows complete die testing without probing all the pads.