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The authors confront the nature of battle and the resultant casualties, physical and psychological, probingly and in a manner that brings to light the silences that have reigned over many of the most gruesome and ignored realms of warfare.
Whether you're gay or straight, Ian still writes probingly honest songs that seem to speak directly from her heart to the listener's.
The irony here is that Benjamin thought allegory actually brought art closer to the mystical origins of language itself, that it tapped the ability of language to explore the "inexpressible" far more probingly than symbolism, which was committed to the obscurity of suggestive images.
He probingly and ambitiously argues that Leibniz's mathematical constructivism leads him to an erroneous conception of matter.
They don't come much more dysfunctional than "The Markus Family," though docmeister Elfi Mikesch doesn't get under her subject's skin as probingly as filmmakers she's worked with (Rosa von Praunheim, Werner Schroeter, Monika Treut) might have.
99, 119-21), Ivison fails to inquire very probingly into Locke's conception of the good or happiness that a truly rational liberty and a truly rational government would serve.
Hindemith first produced a Mathis der Maler symphony, written for Wilhelm Furtwangler and the Berlin Philharmonic, and then after a fallow period expanded his ideas and the structure of the work into what became the opera's final form, a massive seven-scene work, compelling in its music and themes, probingly evocative in its exploration of the relationship between the artist and society.