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Guyton is an artist thinking probingly about the history of painting and its place in the contemporary world, and producing deeply satisfying work at the same time.
if so, none of the multiple moral dilemmas of military medical ethics that Michael Gross examines so probingly in this book would need to be addressed.
McBride's critical vision is penetrating, his topics wide-ranging, his analysis probingly substantial, and his frequent accounts of personal experiences throughout the book astounding in their boldness and effectiveness.
(71) But the now salient divide between the Old World and the New is more probingly examined by looking at deeper cultural factors and the accretion of perceptions and interpretations over longer stretches of time.
It is amply and probingly illustrated by close reference to, among other texts, Maupertuis's Venus physique and Reflexions philosophiques sur l'origine des langues and Diderot's Reve de d'Alembert, Pensees sur l'interpretation de la nature, and the article 'Encyclopedie'.
The authors confront the nature of battle and the resultant casualties, physical and psychological, probingly and in a manner that brings to light the silences that have reigned over many of the most gruesome and ignored realms of warfare.