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Wirth and Klieme (2003) asserted that interactive problem solving includes aspects of self- regulated learning, as well as processes of feedback management.
If problem solving approaches are to be widely adopted in Pakistan in mathematics, then it is important to explore the perceptions of those teaching mathematics.
Examples include combining problem solving with psychotropic medication, the conflict between problem solving and behavior modification, and problem solving in group situations.
Based on that implication, we hypothesized that self-efficacy, trait resilience, and secure attachment could influence problem solving.
The researchers noted that, in the real world, problems are not always distinctly divided into analytic and creative types - successful problem solving depends on the needs of a given situation.
1982, The development and implications of a personal problem solving inventory.
Data Analysis The Pearson correlation coefficient technique was used to determine the relationships among the subscales of interpersonal problem solving and communication skill.
Case-based reasoning and instructional design: Using stories to support problem solving.
COPS provides a way for the Long Beach Police Department to maximize resources through partnerships with community residents and other stakeholders to provide long-term problem solving, sustain neighborhoods, and reduce crime.

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