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The details of the Pearson correlation used among college students on Problematic use of internet, depression and anxiety variables are given in table 1.
In recent studies on gaming addiction, it has been highlighted that parenting behavior is a significant factor to consider when conceptualizing ways to decrease children's problematic gaming (Choo, Sim, Liau, Gentile, & Khoo, 2015; Han, Kim, Lee, & Renshaw, 2012; Jeong & Kim, 2011; Shin & Huh, 2011).
The problematic books may cover some genocides well enough but misrepresent or contain inaccurate information about others, while the ones recommended with reservation have more subtle problems, such as a concern about the representation of too many genocides to young readers or representations that do not convey the complexities of a particular genocide adequately.
Given the clear difficulties with regulating content, tightening guidelines about when and where companies may place their ads would also help protect youth from problematic alcohol advertising," study author and CAMY director David Jernigan said.
According to surveys of teachers' perceptions, the picture of what behaviors are most prevalent and problematic looks different.
Is there any relationship between the levels of problematic mobile phone use and self-esteem?
Evaluation of problematic behavior of counselors-in-training is one of the most critical responsibilities of counselor educators (Brear, Dorrian, & Luscri, 2008; McAdams, Foster, & Ward, 2007).
This pattern has been called compulsive use, problematic Internet use or Internet addiction (Kim & Davis, 2009; Smahel et al.
It was clearly stated on the initial documents that the left knee of the patient was problematic and the prosthesis would be implanted into the left leg.
INCREASED supervision of problematic rail crossings is being mounted in an effort to save lives and prevent disasters.
More than half of male IP users indicate that their pornography use is problematic in at least one major life domain, with the greatest implications in psychological/spiritual, behavioral (e.