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Just over 20% reported current problematic smartphone use, with nearly two-thirds of these students being women and generally earning lower grade-point averages in school.
In order to screen for problematic internet use, there must be a scale that has been tested and found to be accurate.
Those were normal user, problematic user and internet addict.
"These ventures can also lead to a problematic increase in debt, potentially limiting other spending as debt service rises, and creating balance of payment challenges," Lagarde told the crowd of Chinese and foreign officials.
Orlahadji posted: "so disappointed and frustrated at khloekardashian with her #KHLOCD series - it's honestly disgusting, insensitive, and seriously problematic."
The rules, which have been already distributed to potential parents, stipulate among others that the school ought to be informed "in the case of divorced parents or other problematic situations".
Problematic mobile phone utilization has been defined as the deviant usage of mobile phone in terms of time duration and also for the type of content that is consumed through mobile phone.
Some authors have even gone so far as to discuss the possibility of developing an addiction (Jorgenson, Hsiao & Yen, 2016; Young, 1996) or, at least, problematic Internet use (Anderson, Steen & Stavropoulos, 2016; Shapira et al., 2003).
"This year it has been clear to me that heading the ball was becoming problematic and causing me to have repeated headaches," Doyle said.
"What we don't yet understand is how childhood maltreatment didn't prompt earlier problematic use of cannabis between ages 19 and 21 - how individuals could be resilient to that kind of adverse experience for so long," lead study author Sherika Hill said in a statement from ( Duke University Medical Center .
BRUSSELS, Oct 16 (KUNA) -- German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel has described Iran's behaviour with its neighbouring countries as "problematic" and called on the EU to discuss with Iran this issue.
Half of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded projects - worth $3.4 billion - have either become problematic or put on watch list due to implementation delays, reveals a latest portfolio review that has again highlighted governance issues in Pakistan.