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This service will support parents who use drugs and alcohol problematically by offering additional family support to reduce the likelihood of statutory services intervention.
So Ferre turns in his survey to Marx (somewhat problematically), Darwin, Bergson, Alexander, and Whitehead, who provide resources from which he draws when, in the concluding quarter of his book, he sketches the fundamentals of his own alternative postmodern metaphysics.
Notably, plenty of authors who have written under the banner of colonial modernity have been thoroughly invested in understanding this modernity as an ambivalent sociocultural condition and ideal, complexly and problematically shared across the colonial milieu, rather than equating it with economistic modernization that may only "succeed" or "fail." Somewhat more tellingly, the introduction criticizes colonial modernity writings for rendering the nationalistic narrative ostensibly present in much Korean scholarship as a strawman, but Lee's version of colonial modernity itself is made of the same stuff(ing).
An essay by Mary Ann Caws in the accompanying catalogue problematically overdetermines both a "schizophrenic" interpretation and Bellmer's influence on Zurn (which, in Caws's reading, is largely oneway).
Problematically, "Caspian" turns its cast of controllable heroes, which include the Pevensie children, a handful of Narnians, and Prince Caspian himself, into barrel-bashing gophers.
In Erasmus, reformers such as Sebastian Castellio, Girolamo Cardano, Daniel De Breen, and John Milton found arguments for a wide array of other positions, not only the advocacy of peace, the condemnation of a self-seeking ruling class, or religious toleration, but also, more problematically for early modern Christians, Nicodemism (religious dissimulation) and Epicureanism.
Problematically, the company last year ended its deal with Maple Pictures, which provided Christal with a slate of films, including all Lionsgate product.
Palermo studied with Joseph Beuys at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, and while his teacher insisted, problematically, on an "organic" community, Palermo seems to have channeled an interest in new social models through the sobriety of modernism to reach a different vision of collectivity.
First, he notes how during the first Dominican public LGBTQ protest in 1999 the appropriation of "global gay cultural symbols and modes of protest," rather than being an effective political vehicle, problematically dissolved broader alliances and "eclipsed local voices and discursive practices" (78, 79).
Problematically for a horror, it wasn't even scary.
Madison opposed Hamilton's platform for political reasons, but, more problematically, he saw lurking behind it a nascent majority faction capable of manipulating legislation to promote private interests, precisely the sort of faction he had declared improbable in The Federalist Number 10.