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This issue of the journal, as it is mentioned above, continues the problematics of visuality, evolved one year ago, and this time is devoted to the interdisciplinary discourse once again.
In order to delineate the order of the current state of affairs and to address the above mentioned gaps in the comparative study of literary geography, I propose the following points of reflection: 1) the development of the idea of geoliterature founded in notions of geoculture and geopolitics; 2) the generation of literary maps from linguistic maps, and 3) comparatist problematics derived from cartographic thought.
Her valid contributions to the library of Italian narrative and women writers' works have permitted countless students in the US campuses to become acquainted and explore contemporary voices and problematics of the Italian literary landscape.
This high level of unemployment certainly pressures Palestinian workers to accept whatever work is available, despite the political problematics of working in settlements.
A wide breadth of problematics (ranging in both scale and scope) are covered within the chapters of this edited edition.
In her latest monograph, Jean Porter, a professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame, demonstrates a protean mastery of the many problematics of legal and political philosophy, having previously done the same in moral philosophy and theology in her Nature as Reason: A Thomistic Theory of the Natural Law (Eerdmans 2004).
I found the introduction to be quite useful for its overview of the sources and problematics in Mid East urban history.
The specific question of freedom of religion finds careful, nuanced treatment by an international lawyer (Malcolm Evans), who points out the problematics of the "'neutrality" approach commonly assumed as the necessary starting-point for dealing with the question.
Once again, Nordicom publishes a timely book that deals with one of the problematics that exercises many, both in and outside academic, today.
I think a key notion here, in trying to trace out the trajectory of these Deleuzian concepts -or for that matter, any concept in the history of philosophy-is the notion of problematics.
Analyzing particular situations, public speakers, and their words and rhetoric, the authors "point to the range of problematics that attend to the investigation of public morality as expressed rhetorically, from tensions about language and narrative to concerns about gender, ideology, and visuality.
We want neither to prescribe the problematics nor describe potential solutions; the contributors to this forum do so with more force and eloquence than we can possibly manage here.