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As an assembly of former professionals in various roles the Probus Club could make a considerable input to the study panel.
Ray Woods, a spokesman for the club said: "We are delighted to have been able to find a weekly slot for the Probus members to play indoors.
The Cardiff North Probus Group meets on the first Monday of each month at 10.
FLYING VISIT: Richard Poad (left), from the Maidenhead Heritage Centre with Coventry Probus Club chairman Charles King
Lohenstein's citation in his notes of the preface by Aemilius Probus refers to the opening chapter of Cornelius Nepos's De Excellentibus Ducibus Exterarum Gentium (On the Great Leaders of Foreign Lands, first century B.
Piso from Palmyra to His Friend Marcus Curtius at Rome (1837); Aureliun, originally called Probus (1838); Julian (1841); and various travel sketches and biographies.
ESOPs: The Handbook of Employee Stock Ownership Plans, edited by Gerald Kalish, Probus Publishing Company, 118 North Clinton Street, Chicago, Illinois 60606, 1989, 332 pp.
LOUGHBOROUGH Probus held its March meeting at Junction 23 restaurant.
MEMBERS of Elland (Men's) Probus Club paid tribute to one of their members who passed away, Members stood in silent tribute to former president Norman Dyson, who died five days into the New Year.
STOKESLEY & DISTRICT PROBUS CLUB: A recent speaker at the Stokesley & District Probus Club was Gordon Henderson, who has been involved with the excavations and research at Binchester Fort near Bishop Auckland.
His links with the local area remained strong, however, and each month he attended Bloxwich Probus Club.
Members of the Nuneaton Probus club, for retired professional business people, had their photograph taken alongside the postbox during a tour around the nearby Almshouses.