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Ray Woods, a spokesman for the club said: "We are delighted to have been able to find a weekly slot for the Probus members to play indoors.
The Cardiff North Probus Group meets on the first Monday of each month at 10.15am upstairs in the Three Arches Pub, Heathwood Road, near the Rhyd y Penau crossroads, Cardiff.
FLYING VISIT: Richard Poad (left), from the Maidenhead Heritage Centre with Coventry Probus Club chairman Charles King
Fitness is rarely an issue with Williams-trained runners and if Father Probus jumps well on this first outing for 260 days he's entitled to make his presence felt.
Brown-Forman Corporation announced that Larry Probus, senior vice president and director of finance, is resigning to become senior vice president of World Vision U.S., a major humanitarian worldwide relief organization.
And yet, such a position may not have been in harmony with the stance of the play, for when we turn to the elaborate notes printed after the text of the play, we find Nero's statement about the illegitimacy of Agrippina's reference to Persian precedent glossed in the following way: "Hiervon redet die gantze Praefatio Aemilii Probi" ("This is the topic of the entire preface of Aemilius Probus," 126).
Probus Publishing Co., Chicago, is now offering a revised edition of The Handbook of Mortgage-Backed Securities.
Piso from Palmyra to His Friend Marcus Curtius at Rome (1837); Aureliun, originally called Probus (1838); Julian (1841); and various travel sketches and biographies.
ESOPs: The Handbook of Employee Stock Ownership Plans, edited by Gerald Kalish, Probus Publishing Company, 118 North Clinton Street, Chicago, Illinois 60606, 1989, 332 pp.
Hednesford Probus has announced Colin Westnidge as its new chairman.
THE June meeting of the Probus Club of Shepshed was opened by the president, giving a warm welcome to the members, and also to our speaker Sandy Leong.
DUMFRIES PROBUS A comprehensive talk on the history of the Barbours store in Dumfries was given to members of Dumfries Probus Club on April 16.