proceed with

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The nature of the country through which he was about to travel rendered it impossible to proceed with wagons.
The national government, in such cases, will not be affected by this pride, but will proceed with moderation and candor to consider and decide on the means most proper to extricate them from the difficulties which threaten them.
ASIC s taskforces on high-frequency trading and dark liquidity, and earlier work over the past two years, has seen an improvement in the awareness of these areas of trading, hence the move not to proceed with some rules at this time, ASIC Commissioner Cathie Armour said.
Edmead ruled that the developer can proceed with the demolition of six buildings now occupying the site.
Thus, the Service can proceed with its collection action.
He says the company will need to keep mining costs below $85 per ton and achieve a grade of .25 ounces of gold per ton in order to proceed with the mine.
Accordingly, the agent may ask the representative to sign Form 872A, Special Consent to Extend the Time to Assess Tax, which extends the SOL an indefinite period of time, so that the Service can proceed with its determination of the correct tax for the year involved.
The Tax Court (opinion Dawson, J.) holds for the Service; the IRS decision not to proceed with the civil case while the criminal case was pending was not a ministerial act and Sec.
As a preliminary matter, the court determined that, "it was reasonable that a taxpayer would not know the relevant information his or her accountant needed to proceed with preparation of the tax returns unless the accountant requests such information." The court observed that, contrary to the Tax Court's determination that Henry offered no explanation as to why he did not provide the options to his accountant, the record showed that Henry did not even possess the options when his return was prepared in 1983, because all options had been delivered to Warner-Lambert when the IMED sale closed in 1982.