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The yield, income, money, or anything of value produced from a sale of property or a particular transaction.

Proceeds refers to whatever is received when an item is sold or to that which results or accrues from some possession or transaction. Proceeds are classified into cash and noncash categories.


noun avails, balance, benefit, earnings, effect, end result, gain, gross profit, income, money coming in, net profit, produce, product, profit, receipts, reditus, renumeration, result, revenue, sum derived from a sale, value received, yield
Associated concepts: proceeds of a crime, proceeds of a sale, proceeds of an insurance policy
See also: commission, earnings, fee, income, output, product, profit, rent, revenue
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Patent and Trademark Office would proceed without the petitioner, even if it filed no additional papers.
As a general rule, the proceeds are not includable in the primary beneficiary's estate unless she has a general power of appointment over the proceeds (see Q 666, Q 678) or unless she was the insured's surviving spouse and has a "qualifying income interest for life" in proceeds as to which the marital deduction was allowed (see Q 665).
The ruling eliminated an existing division in the circuit courts and required taxpayers to include in gross income all litigation proceeds, including any amount that went to the lawyers under a contingent fee arrangement.
Bassuk, "Wachovia and Fannie Mae were extremely responsive and provided the proceeds requested by the Borrower on highly advantageous terms.
Specifically, the Notice alleged that Respondent, as a sales and service representative for the Bank, diverted portions of customer loan proceeds on thirteen home-equity loans that Respondent made, authorized and/or booked, by issuing checks from the loan proceeds to make payments on his own credit card accounts (or accounts for which he was an authorized user) and payments on a loan in the name of related persons, or by depositing checks into accounts that were owned or controlled by Respondent.
After the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996 (SBJPA) significantly changed the taxability of settlement proceeds in personal injury cases, many practitioners thought that the opportunities to reduce the tax burden on settlement proceeds had been eliminated.
Criminals must obscure or hide the source of their wealth or alternatively disguise ownership or control to ensure that illicit proceeds are not used to prosecute them.
Thus, the distributed "qualified business" (or the proceeds thereof) must have been (or must be considered to have been) operated directly by the distributing corporation.
For any used vehicle with a claimed value of more than $500 donated after January 1, 2005, the provision limits a donor's deduction to the actual gross proceeds from the car's sale by the charity.
These providers are not the traditional first mortgage providers, but are "mezzanine loan providers" who bridge the gap between what a traditional first mortgage provider is willing to lend and the proceeds the owner needs in order to complete their financing.
C proposes to (1) accept receipt of the proceeds of A's IRA as the surviving trustee of D; (2) allocate them to subtrust E; (3) withdraw the proceeds from E; and (4) roll over the funds into his IRA, all within 60 days of the original receipt of the proceeds from A's IRA.

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